Permanent Makeup

Permanent Eyeliner: $400

No two women are the same. Each person has their preference for style and color.  Do you like a bold dramatic look or just a soft line to enhance your eye? Or do unsteady hands or poor eyesight have you no longer using eyeliner?  This is the answer.  The convenience of permanent eyeliner is undeniable.  Runny eyeliner from working out is a thing of the past.  Have eyeliner that won’t smudge and stays put.*

Permanent Lip:  $500

Tired of drinking from a straw and you lose most of your lipstick, or you think you look great and realize you have it on your teeth?  Taking the time, having to constantly look for a mirror so you can reapply?  The answer is permanent lip color. 24/7 lip color.  The look will give thin lips depth.  Choose a vibrant or natural color, whatever looks fits you.*

Elite Brow: $500

This technique uses a machine with a single needle to create nano-like hair strokes to fill in and give definition. You get the shape and color you want as if you were born with it! Color is customized to suit you. This technique is best for ones with normal to dry skin, with existing brows. Like microblading, this technique is not recommend for ones with oily skin or little to no existing eyebrow hair.*

Ombre Powder Brow: $500

Ombre powdered brows are more suitable for those who already have brows but want to fill in gaps and give fullness. While ombre powder brows have a more filled-in look, the healed results appear like softly shaded brow pencil or powder. This process disperses find dots of pigments even into and across the skin in an airbrush or shading technique. Gives a soft and natural look.*

Fusion Brow Treatment: $475 

The Fusion Brow Treatment is the marriage of brow techniques. You get a precise brush strokes that mimic individual hairs and shading that fills in the gaps. This creates a natural look that is stunning.*

Permanent Classic or Powder Eyebrow: $400 

You want natural, filled in brows that frame and balance your face that you don’t have to apply every morning -this is for you.  No need to pencil in those thin, light or almost missing eyebrows anymore.  I design a brow shape that suits your face and a color that is right for you.*

Microbladed Eyebrows:  $450 

A hand tool technique that places pigment into the brow, giving the look of individual hairs.  This is not for ones with oily skin or has had previous permanent makeup.  This procedure requires a consultation prior to microblading appointment. Consultation appointment is not a guarantee you’re a candidate for microblading and the technician reserves the right to decline performing this procedure.  With individual skin texture and types this may not be a successful procedure for some.*

*There is no guarantees about the products performance.  Each person and how they respond to the treatment is different.  Pictures shown are not a guarantee about the results for you.  

Color Boost**: 12 – 18 months $200  
19 – 24 months $300
25 – 48 months $400
After 48 months full price 

This aging/fading process is universal.  Every person retains their color differently.  However, this can vary a lot depending on your body chemistry and lifestyle.  Some clients can wait 2-3 years between color boosts, or may want to do this annually.
**Color Boost is only for establish clients of Gilded Beauty and price is based on initial date permanent services performed.

Removal: $100 per visit 

Minimum of two visits. More visits may be required. Eight weeks between visits.*

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