Botox (Botulinum Toxin): Prices starting at $11 per Unit

This is a safe and effective way to smooth those facial wrinkles. Used in the forehead, in between the eyes for those strain lines, and around the eyes also known as crows feet.  Smoothing of the wrinkles is usually visible three days after the treatment and maximum benefits are seen two weeks following the injection.  Within three to four months the former appearance returns.  You can have this done repeatedly to maintain smooth lines.* **

JUVÉDERMⓇ (Hyaluronic Acid)

With the natural aging process we lose collagen hence we lose volume. Dermal fillers are a  long lasting non surgical option adding volume to the skin.  Juvederm  is a cosmetic line of gel fillers with lidocaine.   Its used to smooth wrinkles, deep creases such as around the mouth and nose.  Hyaluronic acid helps deliver nutrients to the skin by holding onto the water as act as a cushion.  Juvederm restores volume to the tissue, giving you smoother face.*  **

Can be used to treat :
Thin or small lips
Marionette lines
Sunken cheeks
Nasolabial folds

JUVÉDERMⓇ Voluma XC  – Cheeks: Prices starting at $625.00 syringe

Do those cheeks need some lifting?  Lift them  with Voluma XC Adds volume and contouring for those flattening cheeks. Can last up to 2 years.* **

JUVÉDERMⓇ Vollure – Nasolabial folds: Prices starting at $600.00            

Severe to moderate wrinkles around the nose and mouth. Vollure adds subtle volume.     Can last 18 months.*  **      

JUVÉDERMⓇ Ultra XC – LIPS: Prices starting at $525.00  

 Plump those lips – concerned about lines surrounding lips or lack of fullness to the lips. Can last up to 1 year.* **

JUVÉDERMⓇ Ultra Plus -Marionette Lines: Prices starting at $525.00

Corrects more severe, deep facial wrinkles, marionette lines. Can last up to 1 year.* **

JUVÉDERMⓇ Volbella  – LIPS: Prices starting at $550.00             

 For that subtle lip volume that smooths wrinkles and lines. Can last up to 18 months.* **

*There is no guarantees about the products performance.  Each person and how they respond to the Injectables/treatment is different.  Pictures shown are not a guarantee about the results for you.  

** Please let us know if you are planning on having any of the following after treatment:
Laser Treatment
Chemical Peel
Permanent Makeup

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