Facial Treatments

Gilded Beauty offers exclusive skin care treatments for all ages, skin types or we can customize facial treatments for all your skin care needs. We proudly offer Skin Medica for your home beauty routine.

Collagen Gold Facial: $450
$400 for series of 3 or more

Sun damage, gravity and chemicals deplete the skin vitality and dulls the appearance. Improve the surface and appearance with this collagen-inducing treatment. Micro-channeling creates hundreds of pathways into the skin. Combine with the stem cell serum, it encourages the rebuilding of good, healthy collagen, giving your skin that healthy glow. 

*Firmer, tighter skin 
*Smoother skin 
*Healthy glow

Diamond Facial: $225 per treatment 
$200 with series of six or more 

Breakthrough skin resurfacing technology that exfoliates, extracts and serum infuses into the skin. Customized to fit your skins needs. Can be done every two weeks. See if you’re a good candidate today. 


Ideal for: 

Fine lines and wrinkles 
Rough or dry skin 
Dark spots and discoloration 
Dull and congested skin

Skin Classic: Free consultation 
$75 per 15 minute treatment laser 

Alternative that treats skin irregularities. 

Treats these issues:
Broken capillaries 
Cherry Angiomas
Skin tags
Sebaceous Hyperplasia

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