NEW!!! Fusion Brow Treatment $475 

The Fusion Brow Treatment is the marriage of brow techniques. You get a precise brush strokes that mimic individual hairs and shading that fills in the gaps. This creates a natural look that is stunning.*

Permanent Classic or Powder Eyebrow: $400

You want natural, filled in brows that frame and balance your face that you don’t have to apply every morning -this is for you.  No need to pencil in those thin, light or almost missing eyebrows anymore.  I design a brow shape that suits your face and a color that is right for you.*

Microbladed Eyebrows :  $450

A hand tool technique that places pigment into the brow, giving the look of individual hairs.  This is not for ones with oily skin or has had previous permanent makeup.  This procedure requires a consultation prior to microblading appointment. Consultation appointment is not a guarantee you’re a candidate for microblading and the technician reserves the right to decline performing this procedure.  With individual skin texture and types this may not be a successful procedure for some.*

Brow Lamination: $75-110 visit

Not ready to commit to Microblading at this time? Do you need to have the look of fuller brows or filled in brows? This is a great option called Brow Lamination- do it every 4-6 weeks.  Keeps hair in place and henna will fill in the brows.*

*There is no guarantees about the products performance.  Each person and how they respond to the treatment is different.  Pictures shown are not a guarantee about the results for you.